Since our inception, we have strived to introduce coffee of uncompromising quality to neighbourhood hubs. We are now dedicated to also provide meals that comfort - with our local authentics, and culinary experiences that excite - with our western mains. Oh, and we also serve breakfast all day long, 'cause why not?

Feebay.Co™ is a dynamic and modern café / restaurant concept.
Our versatile spaces are designed with communal meals and activities in mind. Polished, yet accessible is the experience we aim to provide.

Feebay.Co™ aspires to uphold our company group's mission - that is to act as a platform for other vendors, and elevate the local industry as a global player.

Meet The Team


Azri Jamaludin - Founder & Director
The Original Zaddy. You can occasionally find him dropping in by surprise. He loves empowering the kids (which is why he leaves everything to Dan).


Daniel Fleischer - General Manager
He's been here since Feebay's inception - making great coffee and turning customers into regulars with his charm and great conversation. He's the man who keeps everything running.


Thaqif Siregar - Head Chef
The Head Honcho with a "what the hell attitude"
in the kitchen, he's multitalented, dependable, and straight up too good for us.


Syafiq Misrom - Store Manager
You'll rarely catch him without him donning his signature smile. He's the guy to dive in head first when it comes to fixing operations.

Akim Hariz -Store Manager
The loudest of the pack, but don't let that fool you. He's very meticulous when it comes to numbers and he's a decent barista.

Seroja Ruslan - Brand Manager / Senior Barista
Bubbly but strict if need be, she keeps the boys on their feet. She makes a damn good pour over coffee. Ironically she can't have too much coffee herself.

Danial Asyraf - Sous Chef
Our beloved Papa Bear, he's a Yes Man that will take on any culinary (and personal) request.

Azim Farhan - Senior Chef
Everybody has a funny story about Azim. Talk to any one of our staff and you might just get to hear one.